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Addressing social ills through entrepreneurial projects while inspiring others to take social change into their own hands.

Ongoing Projects


Paycheck to Paycheck Living

Too many hardworking people are stuck in a paycheck to paycheck situation. We’re building a personal finance tool that will enable people to break free from this cycle. We want to be a voice of hope.

Paycheck To Paycheck

Affordable Housing

Everybody needs housing of some sort, yet it’s getting less affordable by the day. We’ve got a few ideas for alleviating high housing costs; click below to read more about them.

Affordable Housing

What Social Issues Are You Passionate About? We’d love to hear from you!

Core Principle

Favoring Micro Over Macro

Bringing small change in people through atomic habits and create driven communities of these individuals focused on eliminating social problems through collabrating.

Our world is plagued with various social problems. Here at Grassroot lab, we’ve taken matters into our own hands.

Sukhpreet SinghCEO, GrassRootLab

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